Special discount program for wholesale buyers.

We provide discounts off our retail prices for store owners and wholesalers. 

Additional registration / authorization is not required.
These discounts are applied automatically before checkout.
Processing time for large orders can reach 7-14 days, depending on the availability of goods in the warehouse in the required volume.

The minimum number of items is not limited.
Discounts are available only for the next volume:

  • 20% off for orders over 1000$* (1250$ without discount)
  • 30% off for orders over 2000$* (2857$ without discount)
  • 35% off for orders over 3000$* (4615$ without discount)

    * Order amount after discount 

    Delivery of all orders is free. Delivery time depends on the country of the recipient and may be 11-35 business days. 

    In case of any additinal questions, please contact us using this form.