Even plastic comes alive when the professionals take over.

Recently, we receive a many requests with questions about how to paint models, demonstrate painting schemes or suggest which paints to use.
Yufan models do not come with coloring instructions, but give you the opportunity to express your imagination and paint the models the way you want. And if you need a hint, you can always be inspired by the works of our friends.

Therefore, we will regularly post pictures of ready-made works on our blog, as well as on instagram and facebook.
Now let's take a look at the magnificent work of painting female figures on a scale of 1/35 from the YFWW-2065 set by model designers Mikhail Lebedev and Natalya Sevastyanova.
Don't forget to follow @natalisevastyanova on instagram. The amount of various work is impressive.
If you want your models to be included in our gallery, mark them with the hashtag #yufanmodel or send photos and a short description to our e-mail.

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