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Get to know with Comics superhero model kits, endowed with extraordinary physical abilities. ZBBOY models guide it to accomplish feats for the common good.
Superman resin model - alien who took on the task of defending planet Earth in 1:35 scale. He is able to absorb the energy of the stars and do without air, water and food.
Some scale figures are created by the government to protect the nation.  Captain America figure is equipped with the US Army and worked for it in World War II in 1:24 scale.
Be vigilant with the Hulk resin model. His actions, involuntarily or intentionally, can lead to enormous destruction.
Spider-Man scale figure model gained super strength, increased agility, an accelerated metabolism, and the ability to stick to hard surfaces.
Many superheroes models  have never had a secret identity, because of this they do not become less attractive.  In our super hero store, you will find invincible female resin scale models.
Bat woman, Spider girl, Clown girl model, Cat woman will amaze you with their beauty and precise detailing. Speed, agility, endurance and stealth will not leave the Enemy a single chance to win.
Comics commando is up for sale. Help super hero scale figures to save the world. We will provide free shipping worldwide.