Collection: 1/35 WWII D.A.K. German Female Crew for Pz.IV Tank Scale Models

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We are pleased to present a new unique collection of scale German military figures WWII.
German female tank crew is made of gray polymer resin, 50-55 mm size. Each tanker figure in 1/35 scale Made from several parts. Military uniforms and infantry equipment convey high detail of German female figures and create an emotional image of the Africa corps.
The female models kit includes 6 military resin miniatures:
Various poses of scale female soldiers will create a harmonious picture on the armor of a PZ IV tank or other military vehicle of the Second World War. German miniature figures perfectly complement WW2 D.A.K. historical dioramas in 1:35 scale.
Purchase an unique set of 6 figures or each model separately. Free and safe worldwide shipping guaranteed.