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We are very proud to announce that we always receive very many positive reviews about resin scale models that we produce for you. Our clients mention very often that in the market of resin soldier models they had the best experience with our figures.

1 35 node girl resin model

We always pay a lot of attention to every single detail of the scale models. Our figurines are very detailed what let them look more realistic.
Bit the high quality standard is not the only our advantage. As we also produce the resin figures of different nations. For example, it is easy to discover on our website the great variety of Russian, German, American etc resin scale kits.

All these kits themselves has great variety of characters among them.
For you fun and creativity we have the real military figures of modern soldiers of different wars around the world, or WWII period soldiers. Those are exact copies of real people of their historical period.

german female soldier resin model

But in the same time you can add some really fantasy spices to your installations or dioramas using our fantasy models.

Those fantasy model are the miniatures of female soldiers. Beautifully and nicely made. Each model has her own personality, character and history. Her own outfit and armor. Even her own military rank.

1 35 american soldier resin model

Girl figures can be used not only in military dioramas. You can create your own story and go with the flow of your fantasy. The detailed accessories that every miniatures has will help you with that. Would be right to mention that it will be probably good for you to know that the scale of the figures can be different from time to time. It depends what exact situation you will create, what diorama it will be. As well, more often it is 1/35, 1/24, but if your diorama needs 1/18 scale figurines, you can also use it. The great choice of different types of resin figures will definitely make your free time more creative, fun and interesting.

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