1/35 scale military models

As you know very well, our company has successfully established itself in the market of production 1:35 resin military models. We are so appreciated for your trust and positive reviews which make us inspired to produce more 1/35 scale resin military figures of high standard quality. It is definitely obvious that we specialized on different types of scale models, but mostly our specialization is military models for sale. Last year showed us that our clients specifically more interested in having and creating projects with German figures. We also proud to mention that we produced this year few brand-new resin military model kits include scale female figurines. With unique female figures in special uniform and very detailed parts. These kits became also popular because ones can use them in different stunning diorama's wich you could find in our photo gallery.

1 35 scale model US soldier

Our collection has realistic unique figures of World War II. And this is not the only historical period that inspires us. As you can see in our website we produce German WWII figures, Soviet Union military WWII figures, Female German military figures WWII, Figures of First World War, figures of modern soldiers from all over the world: Russian special forces, USA Army forces, Soldiers of Syria conflict, Arabic soldiers, Afghanistan soldiers etc. and many others! We also have absolutely magnificent figures of civilians who was involved in those Wars. Just check out by yourself, go to our shop, enjoy your searching, your easy purchase and of course your great projects with our high quality figures.

1 35 scale models special forces soldier

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