What about cleaning resin parts?

resin figures parts

For sure for you it will be interesting to know, that after the parts are separated from the blocks, they must be cleaned in the same way as plastic! Any remaining protrusion where the part was added to the block casting, must be cut with a model knife or sanded with fine sandpaper.  There is also a possibility that the parts will have the same flaking as the plastic ones, which should be removed with a model knife or sandpaper.

Did you hear about deformation of resin parts?

Unfortunately, sometimes large, thin resin parts can be deformed or distorted after long-term storage.  But here is the good news: It is quite easy to fix this by immersing the parts in hot water for a few seconds. Then you should put those parts on a flat surface to press down with something heavy until they cool completely.  When the part cools down, it will take on a new flat shape.  The hotter the water and the thinner the part, the faster it will soften.  Sometimes it is enough to heat the part with a hair dryer, which can also soften the resin.

 Important: be extremely careful not to burn your hands or overheat parts that could melt from a large amount of heat!

Enjoy your figures!

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