Resin scale models. How to work with them?

Today the vast majority of scale models are made of injection molded plastic. Most modelers, to improve the detalization of their models, sooner or later end up using resin parts. There is a definite difference between plastic kits and resin kits. While both of these materials are technically forms of plastic, they are chemically different. Working with resin details requires different technologies, different glues and takes much more time.
There are two most common problems for modelers who work with resin details: preparation and assembling of the parts.

Remember: dust from cutting and sanding resin is very dangerous for your lungs, so be sure to wear a face mask and clean the area after finishing work.

What about preparing resin parts?

Most resin kit manufacturers use special greasing for forms to help separate resin details from them. For this reason, resin parts must be cleaned of grease in soapy water before work. For convenience, put all resin parts into a large sieve for avoid losing them.
Recently, the quality of plastic kits has become quite high standards and many modelers are already get used to cutting details from the sprues with side cutters and gluing them to the model almost without stripping. Unfortunately, this method will not work with resin parts.

Remember, resin parts are very easy to crack.

Quiet possible that your resin parts are on a thick block. If so, you should separate them from it with extreme care. It is convenient to do with a fine model file. Common files cannot be used as their teeth are too large. If the attachment point is thin, then the detail can be separated by using a sharp model knife.

The sawing process can be difficult and time-consuming if the part between the block and the detail is thick. In this case, you can reduce the risk of detail’s damage and avoid difficulties in separating them from large blocks by cutting off most of the block area. After that there will be small amount of block piece on the actual detail.

Always remember that the high temperatures could melt your resin details. Keep that in mind if you use electric tools to separate the details from the block.

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