Processing and gluing of resin parts.

The thing that probably concerns you - those air bubbles in resin parts.

Unfortunately you may run into that problem. If the shells are on the back part of the detail, then there is no need to worry. However, if this is visible after installation on the model, you will have to work a little to eliminate this disadvantage. You need to always remember that putties are designed to be used with plastic, not to stick to resin and fill sinks. It is necessary to add chips from the existing ones, to fix empty blocks.

Gluing parts from a sheet.

Standard model glue, which is perfect for common plastic parts, is completely useless for resin details. For good results, you must use cyanoacrylate glue or a five-minute epoxy resin. It is a matter of your adhesives skills and preferences.

Gluign resin soldier models

The cyanoacrylate glue glues resin parts much faster. However, epoxy resin can guarantee the strongest and most reliable bond.

What can we say according to the most common mistake of many modelists... Remember, the less you use the glue the better for your figures! Also, never put glue on two details at once. In this case, the details can become bigger in size.

Whichever glue you will prefer to use it will provide maximum bond strength if the surface of details are carefully prepared. Both types of glue require dust removal and a degreased rough surface of resin detail.

Unassembled resin soldier

Recently, resin parts have proven to be ideal in terms of detailing. Most of the resin kits will never be reproduced from molded plastic due to technological difficulties. If resin parts are carefully assembled and painted, they can compete with photo-etched details in copy production.

After you glue the parts together it may be necessary to fill the gaps between them. Regular model putties will not stick to resin parts. This does not mean that they can not be used in certain situations. Epoxy putties, which are naturally tacky, tend to adhere fairly firmly to the surface.

Scuba diver resin model parts

Yes, there are few problems that using of resin adds to the modeler. But the great news that when you will learn how to overcome them, you will have the opportunity to make unusual or even unique scale models, as well of develop and improve your modeling skills.

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