German women in military uniform are very popular this season.

Sometimes our Yufan model became so popular and we receive so many good reviews from you, so we decided from time to time share with you the most popular figures or dioramas.
We are really appreciated for your good reviews and we want as many people as possible know about good resin models and use them for their cool projects!

Today we want to show you another bestseller of Yufan 1 35 scale figures. This bestseller made very many positive reviews in our Yufan models store.

German female soldiers on the PZ.IV tank

1/35 WWII German Africa Corps Female soldiers Set Pz.IV Crew Resin Scale Military Model YFWW-2067

Here is our hero for today. Or may i say heroes. Because that’s an awesome Set that includes 6 German female models. Made of resin of course. In scale 1:35. These models would come perfect with German tank Pz.IV Tank. (not included in this Set)

Full set of German female soldiers

The all six figures are German female scale models kit for WW2.

Those are 1-35 scale German military figures, all in different natural and interesting postures. With unique outfit, or better say uniform, despite of we speak here about ladies. Still they are German Africa Corps soldiers of WW II .

Each one of figure has its own type of weapon. Even hats are different and unique. Which make these figures more real. You can see it on the pictures.

German Female Tank Crew YFWW-2067

As all our lucky buyers you can also enjoy this Set of resin figures in 1/35 scale, just make an order on our website and you can have your diorama very soon!

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  • I hv bought both sets of the female German soldiers. I am a huge fan of these BUt not the PLA female soldiers; they are too covered up & not much flesh showing – though their pose is very feminine & lady like. Please launch a new series of German female soldiers; perhaps gunners for the 88mm gun, panzer crew, maintenance crew, Luftwaffe pilots, communications staff.. If you do, i will buy them all.

    Yew Hock Soon

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