Check Point Iraq. Diorama in 1/35 scale by @Warrior.Dave

Incredibly realistic scale military diorama from our friend @warrior.dave. One of the episodes of urban battle from the war in Iraq. It used a lot of military models and figurines in 1/35 scale. Cars, trucks, heavy equipment. Scale models allow you to create very detailed compositions. It is possible to recreate scenes from real life with all the details. Most of our 1/35 scale military models are modeled on real soldiers from various combat units. In addition to models of soldiers, we have many accessories models for creating a realistic atmosphere on dioramas. Backpacks, pouches, assault rifles and other items of equipment for soldiers.
This diorama is still unfinished. You can watch the creation workflow on the @warrior.dave Instagram. Also, the final version will be on our blog soon.


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